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Mänsklig aktivitet i Chauvetgrottan

april 17, 2016

Målningarna i Chauvetgrottan i södra Frankrike upptäcktes 1994. Två perioder av mänsklig aktivitet har uppmätts i grottan. Den ena från för 37 000 till 33 500 år sedan och den andra från för 31 000 till 28 000 år sedan. Grottbjörnar levde i grottan fram till för 33 000 år sedan.



Anita Quilesa et al.

Radiocarbon dates for the ancient drawings in the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave revealed ages much older than expected. These early ages and nature of this Paleolithic art make this United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) site indisputably unique. A large, multidisciplinary dating program has recently mapped the anthropological evolution associated with the cave. More than 350 dates (by 14C, U-Th, TL and 36Cl) were obtained over the last 15 y. They include 259 radiocarbon dates, mainly related to the rock art and human activity in the cave. We present here more than 80 previously unpublished dates. All of the dates were integrated into a high-precision Bayesian model based on archaeological evidence to securely reconstruct the complete history of the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave on an absolute timescale. It shows that there were two distinct periods of human activity in the cave, one from 37 to 33,500 y ago, and the other from 31 to 28,000 y ago. Cave bears also took refuge in the cave until 33,000 y ago.

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